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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hi,everybody!!! This is my first blogger .
I think many ppl should have it right now but i only get my time to create my blogger at this moment.It is not too late as i think. Infact,i do not like to do eleventh hour jobs so i always finished my important works first then only set aside my time to do other thing like chatting with my freN or create a blogger like this. I think just a simple blogger not much can let us to express our personal expression and idea for our daily life. In additional, i am just a novice person and alot of thing need to learn..... Hopefully ,it can help me alot in terms of relief my feeling and idea for everybody and not much boring anymore. I'am sincerely welcome any of the comment and idea either from my deal fren or others as well, drop me as much as you can. I will revert to you asap if needed.
Let me introduce myself. I am just a simple person but have a brilliant mind an goodish outlook. My personal target is little high but always cannot achieve it. Anyway , to have a high achievement is good better than dont have instead. Haha....dreaming.



Blogger dut_lp001 said...

noob post. haha. welcome to blogger world. muhaha

6:26 PM  

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